Spotlight Artist: Medisin

Spotlight Artist: Medisin

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Originally from: Malden Mass, Medisin began his life in music early! He was in dance school by the age of 10 and a DJ by age 14 where he played parties for local classmates and schools in the area. After leaving school he didn’t know what to do until he met his now group member Bobby O

In 2004. Together they formed the rap group Usual Suspecktz after finding their signature sound and began performing all over the New England and East Coast…

After getting arrested and going to jail in 2013 Medisin wanted a change, and began to experiment with different genres of music honing a new melodic tone with his already gritty sound. Since then he’s released 6 solo projects and plans to release 3 new solo projects this year along with a new Usual Suspecktz project on the way. Losing his stepson in 2020 to gun violence and falling deep into depression inspired Medisin to once again change his sound and started to work on his now highly acclaimed Club Med project which features the hit singles “GPS”, “Creepin’” feat. Tyler Loyal and more. His new RnB project “Don’t Say U Love Me” will be dropping next month featuring Antonio Breez, Dutch Rebelle, Tyler Loyal, Currell and more! Stay tuned Medisin is just getting started!!!