Spotlight Artist: Rosewood Bape

Spotlight Artist: Rosewood Bape

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Rosewood Bape, an American Independent Singer/Songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts, has made significant strides in the hip-hop scene, earning recognition for his impactful contributions. His music serves as a reflection of his personal experiences and unique perspectives. Renowned for his catchy writing style and hooks, he’s earned the moniker “The Melody God.”

Rosewood Bape has collaborated with industry heavy hitters, including the late PnB Rock, Millyz, and other emerging talents from the region. His extensive involvement in penning songs showcases his versatility and influence within the music industry.

His latest project, the “Rose From Nothing” LP, stands as a 13-track masterpiece, featuring collaborations with several local artists. The album highlights his commitment to showcasing the talent within his community. Beyond his own musical pursuits, Rosewood Bape remains dedicated to perfecting his craft. He actively engages with the next generation, working with youth and participating in Writing Camps to nurture and develop budding talents in the industry.